After Cratering, NFT Prices Are Spiking Again

Photo: Chris Liverani Via Unsplash

Big Bounce Back

As stated in, after a predictable crash following its initial hype, NFTs are back on top again — and in a very big way. 

Sales of NFTs on OpenSea, an NFT buying and selling platform, hit a record high of $3.4 billion in August, according to CNNSeptember is on track to be the second-best selling month with nearly $500 million in sales reported on Friday. 

NFT Influencer Surge

Many of the sales can be attributed to influencer and celebrity involvement, according to Danny Adkins, co-founder of NFT analytics platform MomentRanks. For example, Steph Curry recently bought a $180,000 NFT and even changed his Twitter profile pic to show off his purchase of a picture of a blue monkey in a tan suit (yes, really). 

“Athletes and celebrities want to show them off,” Adkins said to CNN.

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