What’s the metaverse? Where this guy can earn $16K a month on a virtual gas station NFT

Photo: Facebook Connect 2021 (Meta)

As reported by laptopmag.com, Ugh, the metaverse! Aren’t you tired of hearing that overused buzzword? I know I am! It’s been popping up everywhere like Whac-a-Mole since Facebook — er, I mean “Meta” — announced its rebranding at its Connect livestream on Oct. 28. “What the heck is a metaverse?” was the question of the hour after CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Meta’s commitment to creating an immersive, interactive, virtual realm that simulates our physical plane.

The metaverse, to be succinct, is a shared virtual world, and by that definition, it’s not new. You can sink hours upon hours into Minecraft and Roblox, which provide metaverse-esque, collaborative gameplay experiences.

And if we take it back even further, platforms such as Second Life, IMVU, Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin were all the rage (I’ve had accounts on all four embarrassingly enough). 

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