About us

A place where you can explore and buy digital arts & NFTs inspired from the sculptures of Gustav Vigeland which is known as the most bizarre statues in the world.

Gustav Vigeland is a Norwegian sculptor best known as a single artist in the world who created the largest sculpture park, the Frogner Park in Oslo and also called as the Vigeland Sculpture Park. He designed more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron which depicts the cycle of human life and it’s conditions.

The artist

Jan Solid Storehaug a Norwegian public speaker and tech entrepreneur with a passion for how technology influence our lives. Jan is a huge fan of Vigeland’s Sculptures. He lives next door to Frogner Park and has spent thousands of ours studying all details in this fantastic park. Photography started as hobby, then later on became his new passion. 

The images celebrates the genius of Vigeland, with some added creativity to interpret his art for our time.

His art was featured in the magazine PLNTY with the article “Gustav Vigeland Inspires in Social Media

His interpretation of the famous sculpture “Sinntaggen” was chosen as main image for the  Inspired by Vigeland campaign.  

The ‘Inspired by Vigeland’ campaign is a partnership between the Agency for Cultural Affairs and The Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway.