3 Types of Content that Creators Can Use to Market Their NFT Projects

Photo: entrepreneur.com

According to entrepreneur.com, With the first Bitcoin futures ETF getting approved by SEC, the crypto market is exploding.

But it’s not just about Bitcoin: We’re in the middle of the NFT market gold rush, where digital art gets bought and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More and more people are getting into projects like CryptoPunks, The Doge Pound or Rekt Racoons to earn a mind-boggling ROI on their investments.

With cases of flipping NFTs for a profit of over $4.4 million becoming increasingly frequent, some companies jumped on the NFT bandwagon too; recently, Visabought one CryptoPunk for $149,939.

Thousands of creators and artists have been following suit as the emerging market takes off, launching their own NFT projects.

But at the end of the day, the success of any NFT project boils down to marketing. You have to convince the market that your NFTs have actual value.

Most creators rely solely on Twitter to get the word out while completely ignoring content marketing, the tried-and-tested way to grow any business.

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