You Don’t Need Millions to Get Started in NFTs

While million-dollars NFTs make for great headlines, projects like Paper Cats are appealing to crypto newbies by promising to keep its buy-in under $10 and helping train wannabe NFT creators.

Photo: cats

According to, when the Paper Cats project launches soon, it should be a continually affordable non-fungible token (NFT) avatar. The goal is to attract first-time NFT buyers by keeping the price under $10 with an infinite number of cat drawings so anyone can buy in and learn about the technology in a non-intimidating way, complete with a comic book-style walkthrough.

Other successful NFT projects, like Cool Cats, may have an inviting and fun art style, but with the current buy-in price above $10,000, it’s inaccessible for those on a budget.

“For cryptocurrencies to have mass adoption I believe there needs to be an easier way for people to wrap their head around all the complexities,” said a Paper Cats and Cool Cats developer who goes by xtremetom. “NFTs have the power to present the flow of tokens in a visual way. In my experience, people find it easier to understand a new concept when there is some visual queue involved.

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